photo ~ Roosevelt Fine Art


Chartered August 20, 1781
Orleans County
Town Clerk (802) 533-2391
Population 763
Altitude 1,463 feet

Town of Greensboro
Directions to Greensboro
Directions to Greensboro Bend

Greensboro, on the shores of Caspian Lake, has been a resort town since the 1800s. There is a large summer community around the lake that supports various musical and educational activities. On the south side of the lake a stone block house was built in 1789 to defend the “Bayley-Hazen Military Road” and nearby is a historic granite memorial.

Greensboro has extensive cross-country ski trails and one of the best small parks around – Barr Hill. From this vantage, it’s possible to see all the distant mountain ranges. Enjoy the area’s organically grown produce, artisanal cheeses, Vermont crafters, and artisans.

Greensboro Bend, the location of a train depot, is so named because of the horseshoe bend the railroad takes through the village.

photo ~ Jane Johns