Donate/ Sponsor

Donate /Sponsor

Is there something that you’re passionate about that we promote?
Do you love the Arts, or Agriculture, or simply want to contribute?

We regularly accept sponsorships for our events, and will consider donations dependant on their alignment with the goals and purposes of the organization. Donations must be non-politically oriented and non-partisan in nature to pass our board approval.

Here are some of the local items we might consider accepting donations toward:

  • The Arts
  • Agricultural endeavors and agricultural promotion
  • Drug Education workshops
  • Literacy workshops
  • Business and web workshops
  • National and local advertising of tour Arts, Agriculture and our towns


Make a charitable contribution to Heart of Vermont Chamber of Commerce. To pay for your registration online, just click on CART in the navigation column.

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To sponsor an event or donate to a specific aspect of The Heart of Vermont Chamber of Commerce click to Contact.