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photo ~ Tom Beers


Chartered August 16, 1781
Washington County
Town Clerk (802) 456-7051
Population 766
Altitude 1,164 feet
Directions to Woodbury
Directions to West Woodbury

Woodbury prospered and grew in the late 1800’s due to the discovery of the finest grain of granite in the world which still contributes to the Town’s economy today.

Woodbury’s historic churches are recognized for their architectural splendor and are still used today.

Many talented artists and craftspeople inhabit the Woodbury area. Recreation is the primary contributor to the town’s economy, doubling the population during the warmer months. Woodbury has more natural lakes and remote ponds than any other town in the State. Wildlife is abundant including loons, deer, moose, and bear. The VT Fish and Wildlife Dept. operates the Green Mountain Conservation Camp at Buck Lake.

photo ~ Tom Beers